Zhi Weibing, also known as Spellbreaker, is a Chinese supervillain, wizard hunter and member of the Red Scare.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Zhi is a deadly soldier, having been trained since her teenage years to serve the interests of Chairman Mao and the Chinese government. Besides that, she has the uncanny ability to create an anti-magic field, neutralizing any kind of sorcery.

Personality Edit

She's serious and stoic, tending to not speak much. A Maoist through and through, she's willing to do anything for her ideals. She despises religion, magic and superstition, believing herself to be a champion for logic and reason.

Biography Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Zhu means "wisdom", while Weibing means "guard". Her name roughly translates to "guardian of wisdom', which fits her Maoist goal of destroying religion and mysticism.
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