Trisha Martin, also known as Black Goddess, is a superhero active in Paradise City, an ally of the Hypermen and girlfriend of fellow superhero Glutgut. She was the first African-American superhero in the Hypermen Universe.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Her Amulet of Hathor makes her the avatar of Egyptian goddess Hathor, giving her the strenght of a lioness, a mighty roar and the power to control solar energy. She's also very agile and nimble, and a competent fighter even without her powers.

Personality Edit

Trish is a kind and loving girl, but also strong-willed and courageous. She hates injustice and prejudice, and never abandons a person in need. Although she has been invited into the Hypermen repeatedly, she always politely declines, preferring to focus on her local community while the superhero team fights cosmic-level threats. She loves Gordon with all of her heart, and is always there when he needs someone to talk to or deal with his more wild side.

Biography Edit

Ancestry Edit

Trish's history actually begins millenia before she was born; in Ancient Egypt, her ancestor Pharaoh Amun III was experiencing a time of painb and suffering as his pregnant wife, Nubian princess Eudosia, was about to die from an unknown disease. Despeate, he prayed to Hathor, the Lion Goddess of Love, to save the woman of his life. As she cured his wife, he promised his own daughter, and her daughter, and the ones after that, in servitude to the deity.

Early Life Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Trisha's powers and backstory were inspired by 70's cult tv show The Secrets Of Isis, which also featured a woman who was given the powers of an Egyptian goddess through an amulet.
  • Her overall design was inspired by 60's fashion, as well as the Blaxploitation movie subgenre of the early 70's.
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