This is the timeline of events in the Hypermen Universe so far.

The Pre-History Edit

  • Circa 300000 BCE
  • Circa 30000 BCE
    • Cave paintings dating from this time period show what looks like a man launching energy blasts from his hands; although it might be the representation of a deity or just a fictional being, some historians believe it to be the first record of a metahuman in history.
  • Circa 3000 BCE
    • The Sumerians start the first known civilization in Mesopotamia.
    • Strt of the Egyptian civilization.
    • Atlantis is founded.
  • Circa 2900 BCE
    • Gilgamesh, King of Mesopotamia, becomes the first ever superhuman to use his powers to fight the forces of evil, making him the first superhero.
  • Circa 2500 BCE
    • A mysterious event sinks the higly advanced City of Atlantis; using a combination of magic and technology, the Atlanteans undergo a metamorphosis that allows them to survive underwater.

Classical Age Edit

  • Circa 800 BCE
    • In Egypt, Pharaoh Amun III marries Princess Eudosia of Nubia and the two conceive a child, but Eudosia falls deathly ill, endangering their offspring. Amun prays to goddess Hathor, promising his future child in servitude to her if Eudosia recovers. The goddess successfuly cures the new Queen, and their offspring's lineage eventually culminates in African-American superheroine Black Goddess.
  • Circa 300 BCE
    • Hercules, Son of Zeus and ancestor to both Paladin and Silver Knight, is born.
    • Hercules faces Cycnus, Son of Ares, in single combat, slaying him. The evil demigod would be ressurected in the mid 20th Century by his father, seeking revenge.
  • Circa 250 BCE
    • A group of powerful wizards from Greece, Egypt and China unite to inprison the being known as The Nameless One in another dimension. Realizing that the division between nations almost stopped the eldritch being from being defeated, these wizards decided to form a secret brotherhood of mages, subservient to no earthly king. It was the beginning of the Secret Society of Sorcerers.
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