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The Narodnyye Chempiony, more commonly known as The Red Scare, is a team of Soviet superhumans that was active during the Cold War. They antagonized the Hypermen on multiple occasions, but helped them stop the 1962 Relesian Invasion.


Red Wolf (Lenin Vuklodlak)[]

A factory worker who got superhuman strenght after a nuclear accident.

Matryoshka (Matryona Tikhonovna)[]

A mutant with the power to divide herself into multiple clones, similarly to a Russian doll.

El Condor (Francisco Pajaro)[]

A Cuban guerrilla who found an indigenous amulet that gave him wings and superhuman sight.


An alien with light-based powers that was raised on the Soviet Union after he landed on Earth as a baby.

Bot-Shevik - Destroyed[]

An intelligent android built by the Soviet government. It was destroyed by Hyperia in 1962.


Foundation []

The Narodnyye Chempiony (People's Champions) was founded in 1958 by Soviet chairman Nikita Kruschev, in association with the KGB's Supernatural Department, as an answer to the American team Hypermen. The team's goal was to serve as a foil to the American supers, as well as performing special missions, protecting the Soviet territory from threats, and serve as poster children for the Communist Party. After American media started referring to them as "The Red Scare", team leader Red Wolf chose to embrace the moniker.

First Confrontation with the Hypermen[]

After the team was sent to America to steal the nuclear launch codes, the Hypermen were summoned by A.L.I.A.S. to locate and stop the Soviet supers. In an abandoned subway station in Paradise City the Scare was using as a makeshift base, the American heroes fought the Communists, resulting in Bot-Shevik's destruction. During the battle, Visitor persuaded Tunguska to help the Hypermen by promising to take the alien back to his home planet, giving them an edge. Red Wolf managed to defeat Paladin, but was knocked out by Hyperia. Defeated and humiliated, the team was deported back to behind the iron curtain, except for Tunguska, who remained on America so Visitor could pay his promise.

The Cuban Missile Crisis and Relesian Invasion[]

When the USA decided to put nuclear missiles in Turkey, the Soviet government retaliated by placing nuclear warheads in Cuba. When war seemed to be inevitable, Kruschev sent the Red Scare to Washington DC in order to force JFK to surrender. In the White House lawn, they met their American foes once again, but before they started fighting the Hypermen revealed a bombastic secret: Aliens had infiltrated both governments in order to trigger a nuclear holocaust. After some arguing (and a little help from a returning Tunguska), the two teams decided to work together and stop the alien threat. As the Hypermen invaded the Relesian mothership to stop Emperor Kronuz, the Red Scare fought the alien ground troops at the streets of Washington.