Percival "Percy" Bertrand, also known as Squire and later Silver Knight is Paladin's nephew and apprentice turned superhero.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Percy possesses the same powers as Paladin, although somewhat weaker due to his age. He has the ability to fly faster than a jet plane, his senses are superhumanly accurate, and his skin is invulnerable to anything except for weapons made of or coated in Mithranium. He also possesses his uncle's super strenght.

Personality Edit

Percy is a strong-willed young boy, but can be quite naive at times. He loves the new secret life of adventure and excitement he's living as a sidekick and member of the Hypermen. He has become a good friend of Drake Stormhayle, although his feelings for him have changed to somewhat of a crush; he is, however, still unable to understand what's going on.


Early LifeEdit

Percy is the son of Guinevere BertrandMark Bertrand's sister. A not so popular teenager, his life changed when he was being harassed by the school's bully and tried to punch back, only to see the bully fly away and smash against the wall. Worried about her son, Guinevere called her brother Mark and asked for his help, unaware that he was the Paladin.

Mark tried to convince Percy to hide his powers until he was old enough to use them, but he refused, hellbent on becoming a superhero like his uncle. Since talking him out of risking his life fighting crime wuldn't work, Mark agreed to train him, with the condition that, until he was 18 years old, he fought alongside Paladin as his sidekick, Squire.

Trivia Edit

  • Squire takes inspiration from DC Comics' Jonathan Samuel Kent, the third person to take the mantle of Superboy; just as Jonathan is Superman's son and sidekick, so does Percy act as Paladin's sidekick and son figure (although they're nephew and uncle, respectively). His appearance also resembles Jonathan's.
  • His older version, however, is vaguely based on another DC Superhero, Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing. A former sidekick to another superhero, Batman, Dick also grew into a hero in his own right and leader of a superhero team, the Teen Titans.
  • Another character he takes inspiration from is The Authority's Apollo, not only a Superman expy but also one of the first openly homosexual superheroes in comic history. Percy's relationship with former partner turned villain Drake Stormhayle mimics that of Apollo and his teammate and lover Midnighter, namely the light/dark thematic dichotomy.

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