Peeta Cadbury, also known as Candyman, is a supervillain active in Paradise City and an enemy of Glutgut.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Cadbury's body is made of a combination of sucrose and a rubber-like substance known only as Dip. This makes him highly malleable and elastic, while the superhumanly high sugar concentration in his blood gives him unlimited energy and superspeed. His candy blood can also mind control people when consumed, and at higher doses turn them into candy monsters subservient to him.

Personality Edit

He's quirky at best and outright crazy at worst, but hides behind a faux serious and affable persona. His smile and soft voice can get creepy at times, as he manages to mantain a seemingly calm demeanor even when furious. Although ambitious and cruel, he has his limits; never using his powers on children, for example.

Biography Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The villain's clothing resemble Willy Wonka from British children's novel Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, especially the 1971 movie adaptation starring Gene Wilder.
  • His real identity, Peeta Cadbury, is a reference to the multinational British chocolate factory Cadbury.
  • The character concept was entirely created by player Bunnies, who plays Glutgut. His candy theme matches the hero's compulsion for eating.
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