Melissa Mueller, also known as Hyperia, is a lab assistant and superhero operating in Paradise City. She's played by Roll20 user Madwand during the Hypermen: Rebirth campaign.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Melissa is currently the fastest person on Earth (Earth-1 that is), being able to fly faster than a jet plane. Her super strenght is nearly as great as Paladin's, and she's able to whitstand most kinds of damage. She can also heal people using her entropy control - as well as inflict damage and weaken the structure of objects.

Personality Edit

Melissa is strong-willed and independent, always being the first to act when something goes wrong. She's also extremely intelligent, possessing a great knowledge of multiple scientific fields. Unfortunately she's not much of a team player, often acting first before stopping and planning, which puts her in conflict with other members of the Hypermen.


Early LifeEdit

Melissa Mueller was an Applied Physics student at the PSI and Dr. Jack Walton's assistant. An excentric man with strange ideas, Walton was derided by his academic peers - but not by Melissa, who admired his uncanny ideas and love for science. She was also a major comic book geek, always reading the Hypermen comics and dreaming of being a superhero herself.

The Wishing Machine Edit

One of Dr. Walton's brilliant yet outlandish projects was the Wishing Machine, a device able to bend reality and create objects out of thin air by using anti-particles, and could react directly to the user's mind, effectively being a hi-tech genie in a lamp. Melissa was tasked with monitoring the process using ALICE, an advanced portable computer on her wrist.

Gaining Her Powers Edit

One day, as Melissa and Walton worked on the Machine, there was an energy spike that caused it to overload. As Dr. Walton yelled "Run!", Melissa witnessed the device exploding into a strange energy - and her mentor vanishing into dust. As the energy reached her, she felt a strange compulsion to make a wish, and wished for her favorite superpowers: super speed, super strenght, flight and healing. Taken by a sudden impulse, she used her newfound abilities to rescue all students as the Applied Sciences building started to crumble. The next day, she decided she'd use her powers to protect the city, inspired by the heroes she admired so much as well as the legacy of her brilliant master.

Trivia Edit

  • Hyperia resembles Marvel superheroine Carol Danvers, also known by the aliases Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Binary and Warbird.

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