A mad scientist and supercriminal, Doctor Ivan Desztruktas, more commonly known under the moniker Doctor Destructo, has been a thorn on the side of the Paladin and the Hypermen for ages.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Destructo is a human, but possesses an intellect way beyond normal people. He's a master of engineering, theorethical and applied physics, chemistry and biotechnology.

Personality Edit

Ivan is brilliant, but a psychological mess. Prone to outbursts of rage, vengeful thoughts over the most banal of frustrations, a massive ego and extreme delusions of grandeur, he's not an easy person to deal with.


Early LifeEdit

Ivan is the son of Ukrainian immigrants, and has shown a talent for science since a tender age, but also serious psychological issues. At age 12 he graduated high school, at age 16 he got his doctorate in Applied Sciences at the Paradise City Scientific Institute and at 22 he began working for the PSI's research facilities.

Rivalry with Paladin Edit

After an invention of his got stolen by a colleague, and when he denounced him to the Institute's board they accused him of attempting to steal credit. This led the already troubled genius to finally snap, building a Death Ray to disintegrate the entire university into micro particles. Fortunately, Paladin stopped him and sent him to jail, which only made him swear revenge on the silver-clad paragon. From then on Paladin and Destructo crossed swords in many occasions on the last two decades, with the villain creating bizarre inventions to destroy Paladin, the PSI and even the entire city, and with the hero stopping him every time.

Doctor Destructo is currently being treated at the Miller Asylum for the Criminally Insane, but he might eventually escape and terrorize Paradise City once again.

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