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The official Wikia page for my superhero RPG setting, Darkstar Comics' Hypermen. It's set in Paradise City, a big town on the West Coast that's home to my Mutants and Masterminds campaign.

This wiki was made as a place to flesh out the story, characters and other information regarding my world. Anyone who is or has been a player in the Hypermen saga is encouraged to edit it, especially the articles to their own characters.



Issue #25 - Sour & Sweet![]

Cover 25.png
After defeating Purple Haze's psychedelic powers, the Hypermen are focusing on finding a way to stop Noeticus. As Silver Knight seeks an answer with the Secret Society of Sorcerers, he gives the rest of the team a quick break, letting them enjoy a day off with their friends and loved ones.

Trish invites Glugut to visit a new nightclub called The Sweet Tooth. In the nightclub, they get offered candy, and have teh time of their lives as they dance all night long. However, soon Gordon realizes there's something wrong, as they've spent hours dancing while it seemed like mere minutes. Investigating, the glutton superhero finds out that the nightclub was a ploy by one of his nemesis, Candyman, who laced the candy with Dip in order to control them. Glutgut helps Trisha snap out of it and together they fight the villain, ultimately defeating him and freeing the club's patrons, but the villain escapes.

Meanwhile, Matryoshka arrives at the Hyperdome, telling Crimson Dawn that she defected from the Red Scare and escaped the Soviet Union, wanting to live in America with him. Together, the two go on a romantic date, which is interrupted by the rest of the Red Scare attacking them to punish their former member for escaping. Dawn tries using his magic, but the Soviet supers have a new member: Spellbreaker, a Chinese wizard hunter with the power to nullify magic. She successfully kidnaps Crimson Dawn, but his apprentice Professor Mistery and fellow Hypermen Stretch and Doc manage to rescue him. As the Soviets run away, Matryoshka goes into hiding.

Back at the base, the heroes, now together, listen as Silver Knight tells them what he discovered. Turns out that there's only one being in the whole Multiverse who knows how to stop Noeticus: Trixxy, the Cosmic Prankster.

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