Hypermen: Origins was a Mutants and Masterminds campaign hosted by Rafael that was set in Paradise City during the 1941-1945 time period, and focused on the first Hypermen generation.

It went on from 2015 to 2016.

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Summary Edit

Issue #1 - The Illinois Nazis! Edit

Experimental weapons being developed for the Allied troops are stolen from Fort Wolffe. The heroes investigate, discovering they were stolen by the Vincenzo Mob and sold to Nazi fifth-columnists who plan on blowing up the Archangel Statue. After fighting the Nazis, OSS agent Anderson Roman approach the heroes, starting the Hypermen.

Issue #2 - It's A Kind Of Magic! Edit

After the Staff of Anubis is stolen from the museum, our heroes go on to investigate. Their clues lead to international thief-for-hire Miss Scarlet, and then to the evil sorcerer Faust. Using the powers of the staff, Faust becomes an interdimensional serpent, but is defeated by the heroes. As a reward, the Mayor offers the team a new headquarters: The Lighthouse.

Issue #3 - The Axis Elite Strikes! Edit

The team is visited by Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill, to deal with a team of Nazi supervillains known as The Axis Elite that is planning to destroy Liverpool with a mysterious new mass destruction weapon. Our heroes arrive at an aircarrier ship, where they face the brute Panzer, the sadistic Schadenfreude and their leader, the arrogant Blitzkrieg. But the whole mission was a hoax to distract the Hypermen from the real plan: The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Issue #4 - A Date That Will Live In Infamy! Edit

Our heroes are attacked in their way to Pearl Harbor, but find a new ally: the light-controlling Aurora. At the military base they face the Japanese supervillains Steel Samurai, a man in a high tech armor, and Amaterasu, a psychotic teenager with pyrokinetic powers. As our heroes stop the enemy, Steel Samurai starts to wonder if his alliance to the Japanese Empire is really worth it. Back at The Lighthouse, they watch as Franklin Delano Roosevelt officially inserts America into World War II.

Issue #5 - Symphony Of Destruction! Edit

The Hypermen are invited to a fundraiser concert of the famous singer Melody Martin, at the Cheshire Cat Club. In there they find Steel Samurai, working as a bartender helper. During the concert, Minstrel, a villain with music-based powers, kidnaps Melody. An investigation reveals that he's Apollo Grandioso, the genius but rebellious son of a technological CEO. They face Minstrel at the abandoned Grandioso Factory, where the villain intends to use a machine that steals Melody's singing talent. After a climatic battle, the villain is defeated and arrested.

Issue #6 - The Atlantis Uprising! Edit

The Lost City of Atlantis strikes Paradise City, commanded by the evil Deep King, but then quickly retreats. An Atlantean girl with water powers meets the heroes claiming that Deep is her uncle and dethroned her mother using the legendary Trident of Poseidon. After traveling to Atlantis they discover that a lost relic, the Eye of Polyphemus, can stop him, but it's hidden in the Mariana Trench with a Sea Dragon. They get the Eye and face Deep King, who summons the very same Sea Dragon when his powers fail. But it isn't enough to stop the Hypermen, and he's defeated and banished from Atlantis. As our heroes celebrate, Paladin calls: the villains escaped The Lighthouse, and Faust stole the Trident!

Issue #7 - Wunderwaffe! Edit

The Axis Elite's plot is finally revealed: Projekt Wunderwaffe, a mysterious machine created by combining the crystals in both the Staff of Anubis and the Trident of Poseidon. With an unexpected help from mob boss Pietro Vincenzo, the Hypermen are smuggled into German territory and invade the Elite's hideout at the Bavarian Alps. It was all a trap, and they end up captured, forced to witness the machine's activation by Hitler himself, transforming Blitzkrieg into a demigod. However, the Nazi villain turns against his creators, killing Hitler and threatening to take over mankind. It was only thanks to Rocket Ranger's ingeniosity and the team's sacrifice that they defeated Blitz, saving the world.

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