"To bring suffering and dismay, no matter who stands in our way."
-The Hyperlord's Motto
The American Tyranny of Hyperlords, or simply Hyperlords, is the first and the largest supervillain team in Earth-3.

Operating mainly in Inferno Town, the Hyperlords have been ruling the world with an iron fist for the last 76 years.

 First Formation (1945-1951) Edit

Inquisitor (Mark Bertrand) - Deceased Edit

Descendent of a lineage of superhumans that traces its roots back to the almighty Hercules, Inquisitor believed in the superiority of all metahumans over humanity. He was brutally murdered and overthrown by his apprentice, Templar.

Clockwork (Joshua McConnors) - Deceased Edit

A dirty cop who robbed banks under the Clockwork persona, he was turned from a mere petty thief to Inquisitor's second in command. He died trying to defend his ally from Templar's mutiny.

Twilight (Lucy Bright) - Deceased Edit

A federal agent that was given the power of darkness by an alien energy lifeform named Nox. She was murdered by Inquisitor for opposing his orders.

Tsunami (Eneida Neptunia) - Retired Edit

The supreme dictator of Atlantis, she has the power to control any body of water, as well as communicating with marine wildlife. She was forced to retire after the Hyperlords conquered her unerwater realm.

Nitro (Tyrese Jones) - Retired Edit

The evil speedster, he was a student-athlete who was hit by lightning and got superspeed. He was the first Earth-3 denizen to threathen Earth-1, after Inquisitor banished him to the main timeline and he became Speedwing's sworn arch-nemesis.

Professor Warhead (Prof. Joseph Mustang) - Deceased Edit

A brilliant yet immoral scientist using his inventions for his own nefarious purposes. He was slain by one of his own inventions while trying to create an army of robotic minions for the Lords.

Chaytan - Deceased Edit

A native warrior who was turned into a nature spirit to fight back against colonizers in the 1850's, but betrayed his people for money and power. Was killed by Templar in 1962.

Revenant - Missing Edit

No one knows where this evil spirit comes from, but he possesses amazing powers and chose to terrorize humanity with his mystical powers. Like his origins, his fate is unknown.

Second Formation (1962 onwards) Edit

Templar (Percy Bertrand) Edit

Inquisitor's nephew and apprentice, who betrayed him and took over the team.

Crimson Dusk (Milosh Zorenko) Edit

An evil wizard from Russia who wants to accelerate the inevitable armed conflict between the FSA and USSR.

Tough Luck (Strife Clover Narrah) Edit

A general of the Fascist States of America with luck altering abilities and a high-tech energy gun.

Strangler (Cooper Armstrong) Edit

A gifted chemistry student with an extremely flexible and malleable body. He willingly became a monstruous being in order to serve his master, the evil Madame Macabre.

The Doc (Eizen Lindauer) Edit

An immortal doctor from the 12th Century who is secretly responsible for disseminating the Black Plague.

Assets Edit

The Lighthouse Edit

The original headquarters of the team, located under an old lighthouse in Silver Beach. It had a small meeting room, an ENIAC computer and a gym. It was destroyed during Templar's insurrection

The Hyperfort Edit

The current HQ, a mansion located in Paradise Acres. More modern than the former one, it's equipped with a training room, infirmary, an engineering lab, a modern computer system, a library full of arcane knowledge, and eight holding cells with power supressing technology. It also has a high-tech alarm system.

The Hypermobile Edit

A futuristic car modified to resist most kinds of damage. It's armed with two frontal turrets, a cloaking technology and a turbo engine.

The Hyperjet Edit

A personal jet plane and spaceship that can carry up to eight people and is armed with energy blasters.

History Edit

World War II Edit

In 1941, after the Fascist States of America attacked the Japanese Atsugi Naval Air Base, 32nd dictator of the Fascist States Franklin D. Roosevelt united Inquisitor, Nitro, Professor Warhead, Chaytan and Revenant in a team known as the American League of Hyperlords, with Twilight and Clockwork joining later. Together, these men and women became the FSA's deadliest weapon, destroying everything on its path and conquering multiple territories for the great American Empire. Until, in 1945, Inquisitor murdered FDR, taking over as the de-facto dictator with his teammates as lieutenants. Using the state's powers, they ordered all superhumans to either assimilate or be executed, killing off all superheroes. The only survivor was the brilliant scientist Ivan Desztruktas, known as Doctor Dexterous, who became the leader of the Resistance. Inquisitor began training his superpowered nephew, Percival Bertrand, into his new metahuman hunter, Templar.

The Second Generation Edit

This move was, however, Inquisitor's fatal mistake. Templar became way too powerful, and started questioning why he shouldn't be in charge; and so he staged a coup by recruiting some of the superhumans he was supposed to exterminate. Together they clashed against the old Hyperlords, eventually taking over, with Templar as the FSA's youngest dictator. Deciding that ruling over all of Earth wasn't enough, he went into space, and conquered the planet of Relesia, in the Andromeda Galaxy. It was the start of a campaign to take over the Universe.

Meeting the Earth-1 Hypermen Edit

His expansion plans would go even further when he met a traveler from another world called Fredwin Wertham. Wertham came from Earth-1, a world where the Hyperlords were a team of goody two-shoes heroes called Hypermen, and proposed a plan to destroy the Hyperlord's good counterpart's reputation. Templar agreed, while secretly plotting to use that to conquer Earth-1 and, later, the entire Multiverse as well; after all, why settle for only one reality when you can have all of them? Intercepting their plans, the resistance sent Doctor Dexterous to warn the Hypermen. Together, the heroes stopped the super-tyrants, resulting in their inprisonment. As the last dictator of the FSA was behind bars and the Resistance was in power, they had the country's first democratic eleections, starting a new age of peace and prosperity in the bleak reality of Earth-3.

Trivia Edit

  • The Atsugi Base strike is a role reversal of the 1941 attack on the American naval base of Pearl Harbor by Japan.
  • Likewise, the conquering of Relesia by the Hyperlords is the role reversal of the in-universe Relesian Invasion of 1962.
  • This whole reality is a reference to Earth-3 in the DC Comics Universe, as well as the evil superteam Crime Syndicate from the same publisher. The name of the Hyperlords is a homage to the Justice Lords, the Crime Syndicate's counterpart in the DC Animated Universe.
  • Madame Macabre has no good counterpart in Earth-3, since she's not originally from Earth-1; instead hailing from the high fantasy inspired world of Earth-10 (also known as the Brenielverse).
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