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Humans are an intelligent race of primates that inhabits the planet Earth. They're famous for their ambition and creativity.


Humans possess a developed brain and opposable thumbs, which has allowed them to become the dominant species of Earth. They're omnivorous and their soft skin varies in tone from light beige to dark brown, and their fur is more concentrated at the top of the head and, on males, around the chin and under the nose. The males are typically physically stronger than females, with some exceptions, and their reproduction is sexual, with a nine month pregnancy cycle.

Meta-Humans and Mutants[]

Some of the human race possesses a tendency for genetic mutations, which gives them all sorts of special powers. This is caused by a special, rare gene in the human genetic code known colloquially as the Hyper-Gene. The people with this gene are classified in two types: Meta-Humans and Mutants.


A Meta-Human is a person whose Hyper-Gene remains dormant, being activated by exterior factors such as contact with cosmic, radioactive or arcane energy. Most known superheroes and supervillains are a part of this category, such as Speedwing (awakened by electromagnetic energy). Sorcerers are often considered Meta-Humans as well, their abilities unleashed by the cosmical energy known as Mana. Meta-Humans are also more susceptible to bio-engineering experiments, having a greater capability to maintain genetic integrity.


Unlike Meta-Humans, a Mutant is born with the Hyper-Gene abilities already unlocked, or develops them naturally through puberty. This is mainly the only difference between those two groups; however, Mutants tend to suffer prejudice for their condition in some human societies. This is mostly through ignorance and fear, caused by the seemingly random nature of Mutants being born among average humans. Many Mutants chose to protect humanity rather than give in to hate, such as the Hypermen member Lucky Shot, while others may turn to supervillainy out of spite.

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