"You know, I used to look up to the Hypermen, to think y'all were heroes. Now look at you. You got a commie, two faggots, a fat alligator with a negro for a girlfriend... Y'all are the poster child of what's wrong wth America."
Heinrich Edward Lee Faust, also known as Grand Wizard, is an Apostate Wizard, klansman and supervillain operating in Paradise City. He's the bastard son of Faust.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Heinrich is, as the name implies, an accomplished wizard. Not only does he have mystical powers similar to that of magic users like Crimson Dawn, but he has also developed a spell of his own: Chains of Discord, which causes its targets to display feelings of hatred towards others,

Personality Edit

Heinrich is a fundamentalist Christian, white supremacist and nationalist, believing that his country is fundamentally broken thanks to minorities. He looks up to an idealized version of his father, Faust, believing in the Nazi ideals Faust never actually believed in. He speaks in a thick Southern accent.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Heinrich was born in 1944 in Sweetholm, in the state of Alabama, from an affair between German sorcerer Georg Faust and a Southern woman named Eva E. Lee. Since he was a child, he was indoctrinated into white supremacist ideals, seeing his father as a war hero. At age 17, he joined Sweetholm's Ku Klux Klan chapter, rising quicly in their ranks and perpetrating multiple hate crimes against his town's black community, from vandalism to lynchings. Soon he discovered magical powers and was invited into the Secret Society of Sorcerers, but was declared an Apostate when he used his powers to harm others.

Meeting the Hypermen Edit

Moving into Paradise City in 1962 to run away from the SSS, he joined the city's KKK and together they stormed a peaceful demonstration in favor of the Civil Rights Act. The Hypermen appeared to save the day, together with African-American superhero Black Goddess. Seeing he couldn't defeat them, he cast Chains of Discord, using the ensuing chaos of the heroes fighting among each other to escape with an Eldritch Gateway.

Attacking the White House Edit

Determined to keep America white "as it should be", the villain invaded the White House, threathening president Lyndon B. Johnson's life unless he vetoed the Civil Rights Act, to which he refused. Before he could assassinate the President, Crimson Dawn arrived and battled him. Shortly afterwards teh rest of the Hypermen arrived to join the fight, with Katagida launching the final blow and shocking him unconscious. He was later sent to the Secret Society of Sorcerers, that punished him by banishment to the Zero Zone. He has been trapped in the interdimensional prison ever since.

Trivia Edit

  • Grand Wizard was inspired by Hate-Monger, a supervillain in the Marvel Universe, particularly his personality, Ku Klux Klan-inspired uniform and his signature weapon, the "Hate-Ray", which is similar to the spell Chains of Discord.
  • His name is a "homage" to both Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler and Confederate general Robert E. Lee.
  • His mother's name was inspired by Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun.
  • A Grand Wizard is also the title given to the head of the Ku Klux Klan.
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