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Deminor Shadowborn, known in Earth-1 as Madame Macabre, is an evil sorcerer from Earth-10, the former ruler of the Kingdom of Breniel and currently a threat to Earth-1 and enemy of the Hypermen.

Powers and Abilities[]

Madame Macabre is a skilled sorcerer, being able to bend reality to her will much like Faust or Crimson Dawn. She was also endowed with the power of darkness by the Nameless One, allowing her to corrupt other empowered beings to do her bidding.


Macabre is, as the name implies, a lover of the macabre and grotesque. She has an odd, almost sexual obsession with twisting beauty into horror and purity into wickedness. She's resentful, wishing to bring suffering into the Multiverse because she never knew happiness in her life. It is believed that the Nameless One's powers twisted her mind into madness.


Early Life[]

Madame Macabre was born as Deminor, in a region of Earth-10 known as the Underdark; an assortment of underground caves beneath the continent of Astorien. Deminor had no father, with some rumoring she was grown spontaneously in her mother's womb thanks to the very darkness of her homeland, thus granting her the name Shadowborn. She was born in Lilith, an underground city known as the world's greatest hive of scum and villainy. It was on that awful place that she discovered her magical powers and met the Cult of the Nameless One, and offered her soul to him in exchange of power.

Rise and Fall of the Shadowborn[]

The crazed and powerful Deminor rose to the surface and found the Kingdom of Breniel, a bountiful and happy place. Envious, she vowed to take over the whole kngdom and twist it into her own personal hell. With an army of the undead, she conquered Breniel and brought it to an age of darkness, but a group of brave adventurers defeated her and banished her to the Void.

Arrival in Earth-1[]

After eons stuck in between dimensions, she found her way to Earth-1, the Hypermen's Universe. Under the name of Madame Macabre, the sorcerer found a young metahuman named Cooper Armstrong and made him her plaything, torturing him and twisting him into the creature known as Stretch Monster. When a teenager broke into her lair and stole one of her artifacts, the Canister of Gluttony, Stretch took the opportnity to free himself from her grasp and return to his friends, the Hypermen. She has since been looking for him, and for a way to take revenge on this new world with a new army of monsters and abominations.


  • Madame Macabre's character is actually the villain from a completely different RPG campaign by GM Rafael, the Dungeons & Dragons campaign Legends of Breniel.