The Cruelty League is a supervillain group created by bilionaire Fredwin Wertham to destroy the Hypermen.

Formation Edit

Fredwin Wertham Edit

The leader and patron of the group. A billionaire with a personal vendetta against superhumans. Unlke other members, he has no superpowers or special abilities, preferring to act from behind the curtains.

AndroX Edit

An android built by both Doctor Destructo and Megawatt as the ultimate weapon against the Hypermen.

Critical Mass Edit

An atomic physicist who was deformed and given radioactive powers after a nuclear accident.

Cycnus Edit

The son of Greek God of War Ares with mortal woman Pelopea, he wants to kill Katagida to avenge his defeat in the hands of Hercules.

Foxy Lady Edit

A con artist and thief with pheromone powers that allow her to control men.

Doctor Destructo Edit

A mad scientist who hates Paladin. He's responsible for most of the team's technological assets.

Megawatt Edit

Cover 19

The full team sans Wertham on the cover of Hypermen #19.

A former electrical engineer turned bank robber after an accident grant him electrical powers. Unlike others, who seek revenge, his motivation to join the team is purely greed.

Six-String Edit

Former member of rock band The Something, he possesses a high-tech guitar that can shoot powerful sonic blasts and force whoever listens to it to dance.

Assets Edit

Personnel Edit


From left to right: a Cruelty League Brute, a Cruelty League Henchman and a Cruelty League Merc.

The Cruelty League has its own lackeys, all hired by Wertham and distinguished by their all-black uniforms with red skull insignias on their left chest, fully shaved heads and black cloth strips with eye holes as masks. There are three types of Cruelty League minions:

  • Henchmen are the most numerous and less powerful lackeys. They're armed with a simple energy pistol. Usually they're hired from among common street thugs with little to no training.
  • Mercs are, as the name implies, usually mercenaries. Well trained and better armed, they're the elite among minions and usually wield semi-automatic energy rifles, wear ballistic armor and night vision goggles rather than a mask.
  • Brutes are the most powerful in terms of, well, brute force. They're usually criminals who get injected with a serum that gives them superhuman size, strenght and resistance, and employed against similarly physically strong heroes.

History Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The team was inspired by DC Comics' Legion of Doom.
  • It was the first supervillain team in the history of the United States; before that, there was the Nippo-German team Axis Elite and the Soviet team Red Scare, but no similar group in American territory.
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