Cooper Armstrong, also known as Stretch, is a superhero operating in Paradise City and a member of the Hypermen. He's played by Roll20 user Zach P. during the Hypermen: Rebirth campaign.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cooper's body is extremelty flexible and malleable, allowing him to stretch it to absurd lenghts and shapeshift to a certain degree. Thanks to his rubbery body, he's also bulletproof, as any ammunition used against him will simply bounce back.

 Personality Edit

Cooper is a bit shy, but friendly. He loves his mother and his brother (even after the latter inexplicably joined a life of crime), and is loyal to his teammates. He does, however, have a strange, edgy sense of humor, shapeshifting into bizarre, disturbing forms just to rile people up. He's a talented chemist, and the go-to Hyperman whenever someone needs to identify a chemical component or develop a super-serum or special tissue.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Cooper Armstrong, a 23 year old college student, never had an easy life. He was ridiculed for weight, had an abusive father, and constantly harassed by some jock he used to know in high school. The only people in his life that mattered were his mother and older brother. His mother taught him right from wrong and that a real man shows mercy. His older brother, Dillon, taught him that no matter the challenge to always bounce back and to fight back against any who'd try to put him down.

Becoming a Hero Edit

After the Kaalax'taan invasion, Dillon began acting strangely. Sneaking out late at night, Cooper followed his brother to the warehouse district, keeping a safe distance. It was there that he learned a dark secret about his brother. Dillon was one of the Tech Men, a secret criminal organization that wished take over the world using advanced technology, and they were currently loading several drums of unknown content. Just as they were about to leave, Dillon saw Cooper and panicked. Shouting at the others to drive, Dillon kicked the barrel towards Cooper as they burned rubber. The drum hit the wall next him and exploded on impact, dousing Cooper in a blue chemical. Otherwise unharmed, he had to bail as soon as he heard the police sirens. As he ran off, his legs stretched over 20ft and found himself on the roof of a building. Before he could continue running, he felt a hand on his shoulder and was face to face with the hero Paladin. Paladin told him that there were others like him, training under his tutelage and seeing what Cooper can do so far, knows that he has potential. That day Cooper was brought into the fold, and the hero Stretch was born.

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